Nancy Marie Norman

Nancy Marie Norman, Spring Brook Twp., passed away January 31, 2019 at home after being stricken ill. Her companion is John D. Basom.

Born 1970 in Houston, Texas, she was the daughter of the late Marvin E. Jr and Barbara Bridges Norman and was educated in Houston Schools.

Also surviving are her daughter Danielle Basom; a sister Robin Griffith; a brother Marvin “Buddy” Norman, III; nieces and nephews; friends.

She was also preceded in death by a brother Barry Norman.

Private services were held in Spring Brook Township and will be held in Texas at a future date.


  1. Brad Little

    I was very sorry to hear about Nancy passing away. Nancy and I went to elementary school together at Huggins Elementary in Fulshear, TX. She was part of a close group of friends that we had and she was one of the nicest and funniest kids I knew . I remember going to dance parties at her house and chasing each other around the playground. It was a silly thing back then but Nandy, myself and a few other kids had this weird fascination with crabs and started the “Crab Club”. We would talk about crabs, walk like crabs, and even had elected positions. I believe Nancy was the secretary. All good silly kid stuff but for some reason it has stuck with me.

    Nancy was a beautiful soul and we will all miss her. If there is any information about a future memorial in Texas, please let me know. The crew from Fulshear and Huggins Elementary, George Jr High and Terry High School would like to remember her together and contribute however we can.

    Brad Little

  2. Cathren Page (Oxner)

    We built an empire in the mud on the dirt road after the rain. Your mother found two little mud monsters outside and hosed us down and threw us in the pool before we could come inside.

    We rescued caterpillars from the spider’s web before we understood the circle of life. We thought we were making the world a better place, one caterpillar at a time.

    We got stuck in the top of twenty trees.

    We took a dirty, nasty shed and turned it into a paint splatter “clubhouse” for just the two of us and sometimes Scott. Then we had to bathe in turpentine.

    I’m still unsure why the top of the slide was heaven and the pool was hell. The pool was a lot cooler than the slide.

    I fell for it when you said we’d both jump into the pool with our clothes on at the count of three.

    One day, we reached a fork in the path and went two different directions.

    But I still remember the times you said, “I love you,” and meant it. I still remember that paint splattered tween, that little towhead covered in mud. No matter how far away we traveled, no matter where we both are now, that little mud-monster lives forever in my heart.

  3. Erika (Domatti) Shadburne

    I was so sad to hear that Nancy passed away. It has borough back so many memories of childhood, teenage years and even college.

    As Brad mentioned, in elementary school we had the infamous and oh so cool Crab Club. With her long legs and boundless enthusiasm, she was a top notch crab. So many sleepovers at her house with the pool, the air hockey table and cable TV. It was like a kid’s dream house. Nancy was always so fun to be around and had lots of great- I know what we can do! ideas. Essential when you grow up in the country.

    In middle school, we took drama together and Nancy was a natural. She was so unafraid to go for it on the stage. Incredible. In college, she introduced me to the Contessa Dorm where I lived for three years and met the most wonderful group of friends- all because of Nancy. She was such a light and welcomed all.

    Over the years, we had lost touch and only keep tabs on each other through FaceBook. We should have talked. As Brad said, please let us know if you have a memorial in Texas- the crab club will assemble.

    We are sure going to miss you Nancy.

    Erika (Domatti) Shadburne

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